Here are a Few Frequently Asked Questions

Do you include engagement photos in your wedding package? - Yes! If I am your wedding photographer, the engagement photo session will be included!

What do you photograph? - I photograph most types of shoots. (e.g. weddings, engagements, senior pictures, band photos, etc.).

Do you shoot with digital or film? - Both! I have experience in digital and film photography. Just let me know which one you prefer!

Are you a cat person or a dog person - Well, I have a cat named Pickles and I am a future golden retriever owner (or at least that's the plan). So, both!

I don't live in Minnesota, will you travel out of state to take my photos? - Yes, I will travel anyplace on earth (I basically love to travel!)

What camera do you shoot with? - Canon all the way! (I will also shoot film if requested)

Favorite movie? - Casablanca, hands down (I have a giant painting hanging above my bed of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman)  "Play it again Sam!'"

Do you bring back up equipment? - Yes, I was raised by an insurance agent. So, I know what being prepared for the unexpected means. 

What inspires you? - So many things! Nature, the Bible, family, laughter, colors, music, Lake Superior, other photographers, movies, good food and drink, the rain. I could keep going, but you probably don't have all day.  

If I didn't answer your question message me using the contact tab and I'll get back to you as soon as possible